Creating Happy Customers

One of the main reasons that we spend our precious time, money and effort in marketing is to create more happy customers. Where we want to educate and communicate our ideas to the right target audiences and generate leads for our business.

A lead is a potential sales contact (a prospect), whether an individual or an organisation who may be interested in your products. Leads are vital for your business to survive as a lead has the potential to develop into a customer (sale).

After all your efforts in developing creative marketing ideas, you are finally attracting potential customers (Leads) to your business. If you are able to swim your way around and get your Lead to purchase from your business, this Lead has just turned into your Customer. This means that your business has generated a sale.

However, the creative process does not just stop here. As a matter of fact, this is only the beginning of the entire customer experience. Marketing does not stop when a Lead makes a purchase from you; it is an on-going process. This is because you would want that same customer to keep coming back and do business with you. And in order for customers to keep on returning, you must first make them feel happy to do business with you.

What could you do differently from your fellow competing fishes in order to make your customers feel happy? Some of the Big Fishes like Starbucks, Apple and Zappos have not only managed to attract and maintain customer loyalty, but also drive big bucks into their companies’ revenue. How do you as a Small Fish (an unknown brand) stand out from Millions of flashing visuals and glittery chatter, all clamouring for attention?

The answer is simple. Be CREATIVE and learn to apply that creativity to produce something fun and desired. Remember that execution is just as important as idea development. The difference between a brand that fails and one that succeeds is how creativity has been applied in each marketing campaign that creates a lot of happy customers for the business.

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