Targeting the Right Customers

Generating leads means turning a suspect into a prospect. It sounds like a simple enough marketing strategy, but if you delve into it, you will find that most people commit the same common mistakes over and over again.

More often than not, you will hear people asking, “Where should I advertise? Newspapers? Magazines? Or should I update my Facebook page? This is an entirely wrong concept altogether as you should not be focused on the type of media in the first place. To generate leads effectively, you have to start by asking the right questions.
The correct question to ask would be, “Who are your target customers?” Though your product may be used by people of all ages, targeting on a specific group of consumers will make your marketing efforts more focused, concentrated and effective.

After identifying your ‘Who’, the question that follows is ‘Where’ to find your target customers. If your target audience are parents, especially mothers, where do you start looking for them? The most ideal place to run your marketing campaign would be the place with the highest concentration of parents and one of them is – schools!
The next magic question is ‘what’ should be communicated to your target customers. How should you set the tone of voice and concept of your marketing collateral? Remember! Your message must always be written in perspective of your target audience. State benefits that your target audience can relate to and enjoy. It is always about benefits and NOT features.

Last but not least, is the question of “How are you going to deliver your message?” Should it be communicated through something as simple as a flyer and word of mouth, or should it be spread through social media like Facebook and Twitter? This should be left to the last.
The bottom line or crucial factor boils down to identifying the right ‘who’ in the first place in order to market your products successfully. It is the bedrock that paves the way for a successful marketing campaign. Simply put, identifying the right ‘who’ will bring you great marketing success, while identifying the wrong ‘who’ will inevitably cause you losses and stress in the long run.

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