Small Fish Story

The Small Fish Brand begins when Coach LeikHong published his first book – “Small Fish Conquering the Big Pond”, a book about business and marketing strategies.

Every business has a humble beginning, every business started small and with limited resources. When our business is small, we need to be creative, we need to be flexible and we need to be different.

In Small Fish, we coach our clients to create a NEW Brand Story, innovate on your Customer Experience and uplift the Corporate Culture.

Today, the #SmallFish brand had expanded to other business areas, ranging from books, business coaching | training, consulting to merchandises.

Small Fish we Deliver #Happiness #Inspiration #WOW


Is just like ridding bus from one point to another. As a business owner you must identify…


Small Fish Business’s  exclusive Coaching, Mentoring & Training (CMT) programs listed below have helped hundreds of small business owners to achieve significant results in their businesses.

Our PowerUP Coaching programs force business owners to focus and devote the time to achieve measurable results.

POWER-UP is a one-on-one business-coaching program for entrepreneur and managers that are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 4 months.


A total of 8 highly impactful coaching modules based on the Small Fish’s Business Mastery methodology.

This coaching program is designed to address the common business challenges (sales, marketing, profit margin,
customer service, system & team) faced by many entrepreneurs and their managers.

Coaching Modules over four month period:

Building Competency Business Model & Development Plan
  • Reevaluate your current business plans & direction
  • Design the next 5 years business Wawasan using the Magic Triangle pattern
  • Innovate the next possible Business Model canvas
Strategic Selling & Sales Leadership
  • Identify customer buying behavior (the needs, wants & problems)
  • Systemize sales approach on targeted customers
  • Lead and manage your sales organization
Creative Marketing Positioning & Implementation
  • Create a niche & point of different (Purple Cow effect)
  • Market positioning and penetration to different market segments
  • The 4-steps of marketing to increase sales revenue
Business Financial & Margin Application
  • Calculate Standard Unit and Business Margin
  • Establish Business Break Even number
  • Determine the right pricing for products and services
Brand Innovation with Remarkable Customer Experience
  • Power-up your Touch-Points experience (channels of customer interaction)
  • Systemize your branding experience
  • Elevate your prospect to become Raving Fan
Strategic Alignment on Corporate Values & Culture
  • Defining your business core values (create values that are important to your business)
  • Turning values into corporate culture (building a cultural company worth talking)
  • Employees branding innovation (becoming one of the best company to work for)
Coaching a Winning Team
  • Level 5 leadership
  • Team member personality profiling with DISC (putting the right people on the bus)
  • Implement effective communication and feedback loop
On going Business Strategic & 90-Day Planning
  • Recap the business results of the last 90-Day
  • Establish the next 90-Day Business Strategic

Training Programs and Consulting Services

  • 3 Golden Rules of Business
    – Transforming Your Business to Good to Great
  • Being Different
    – Create a Marketing Niche
  • Brand Experience
    – Create a Brand Worth Sharing
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Core Values & Culture
  • Coaching a Winning TEAM
  • Delivery Customer’s Happiness
  • GEN Y Management
  • Sales Management & Excellent
  • Social Media Marketing
  • TEAM Building & Alignment
  • Business Consulting
  • ISO Consulting
  • Conference Keynote Speaker


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