Small Fish Conquering The Big Pond

Simple and Remarkable Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results In a Competitive Environment

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The business marketplace is like an expansive ocean filled with opportunities; you can explore its limitless market potential to find your niche and create a brand name of your own; however, there is still much out there in the vast ocean that you still haven’t encountered…yet.

Small Fish Conquering the Big Pond will reveal to you some of the tried and tested ideas that you as an SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) can make use of to make your product stand out from your competition and capture your intended audience’s attention,without having to spend a big sum of money on marketing and advertising campaigns.

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience

Simple and Proven Methods of Creating a Brand
Worth Sharing

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In today’s day and age, businesses can no longer survive solely on conventional marketing strategies. Where once it sufficed to attract consumers through offline marketing events and advertisements, now we need both a strong and memorable presence online and offline in order to maximize our reach and impact.

Small Fish 2.0 Mastering Brand Experience offer you a creative insight into developing a memorable and impactful brand experience for your customers.Quoting several real-life examples of distinguished Malaysian companies who have successfully made it to the pinnacle of Brand Experience.

Small Fish Core Value Cards

Simple Ways to Discover and Understand your Inner Belief and Core Value.

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Product details:

The Small Fish’s Core Values Cards is a tool to help you (as an individual or as an organisation) understand better your inner belief and core value. Each individual would have a set of belief and values that are deem to be important to us, there is where each of us would respond and act differently when we encounter a situation.

Used this tool to discover your own core values and communicate these values with your family, friends, and colleagues. Sometimes, an argument could have to be avoided if we have understood the other person perspective.