Brand Value Canvas

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The canvas is divided into a few sections, all you need to do is think carefully about each section and fill in up:

A) Identity

1) Purpose: What is the purpose of your brand? And why customer care?

Example: Nike purpose is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete, as long as you’re ready to put up your gears and go exercise, Nike is here for you.

2) Core Value: What are the key core values that represent your brand?

Example: Apple core value – Simplicity, Think Different and Put a dent in the universe

3) Image: What’s your brand image in the eyes of the public?

Example: Starbucks’ brand image – a comfort relax environment, focus on human relationship

4) Icon: What are some of the iconic elements that represent your brand? (Logo, Tagline, Colour, Shape, Graphic, Taste, Sound or Motion) Example: AirAsia – Red, Now Everyone Can Fly, Tony Fernandes

B) Distribution

5) Tools: Turning your brand identity into content materials – Website, Company Profile, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Videos & etc.

6) Channel: How are you going to distribute your brand story?

Example: Facebook Page, Social Media, Offline Sales activity, Business Networking session & etc.


We love to hear more from you how you can use this SmallFish Brand Value Canvas to create your own brand value, share with us. Should you need for support and information PM us on Small Fish Facebook or email to


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