Getting Your Customers to Buy More

Should a customer is had decided to do business with you by buying some of your basic product, how can you encourage him/her to spend a little bit more with you?

Bundling is maybe a fantastic way of getting your customers to spend a little more in your shop. What I am going to share with you next are ways to bundle your products effectively and increase your Average Dollar Sale.

If you are operating a retail business, what can you do to increase your Average Dollar Sale? Let us pay a visit to Watsons and Guardian and learn how they encourage their customers to buy more from them.

Have you ever walked into a Watsons or Guardian’s store looking to buy one specific item but end up walking out with bags of toiletries?

It is not entirely your fault. It is only a clever marketing tactic that has worked! The secret is in their display shelves. If you remember browsing through their shelves, you would know that their display shelves are always arranged with similar items next to one another.

If you were a customer looking to buy a toothbrush and you saw some toothpastes arranged next to them, it would be natural to grab a few of those as well, along with some toothpicks and a tongue cleaner.

This is only natural. Know this – how you display your products is indirectly related to your chances of increasing your Average Dollar Sale. If you make it easy and convenient for your customers, they will happily buy more.

Another small detail, which makes a big difference, is in the way supermarkets and retail stores like Watsons and Guardian provide a basket or shopping trolley to get their customers to buy more from them.

By providing a basket for your customers, you are actually helping to free their hands so they can easily buy more from you. With one hand holding the basket and the other hand free to pick up items, before they know it, your customers would have bought a whole lot more in a single visit.

Getting your customers to buy more from you will definitely increase your Average Dollar Sale and ultimately, your profit.

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