Getting Your Customers to Come Back and Buy Again

After getting a customer to purchase from you for the first time and I believed you would want the same customer to come back and do more business with you. Therefore all the customer’s information such as name, address and contact information such as email and hand phone numbers need be stored properly in a database to make it easy for you to access their information and keep in touch with them to develop an on-going relationship.

The objective is to get them to repeat sales and increase the number of transactions at your shop. This strategy will not only encourage your customers to spend more on your products, but also instil a sense of brand loyalty in them.

Let’s look at the case study example from Sakae Sushi Malaysia, which came up with an ingenious way of catching their customers’ attention. The company began to give away Ang Pow with an RM 8 discount voucher printed on the back, complete with a 2-month validity. This worked to their advantage in three ways.

Firstly, by making the Ang Pow into an RM 8 voucher, Sakae has already added value to the Ang Pow, since it now has a dual-function – it is an Ang Pow and also a Sakae Sushi discount voucher. Whether you are on the giving end or receiving end of this Ang Pow, the added value of this Ang Pow has now been transferred to your hands for your enjoyment.

Secondly, if you were on the receiving end of this Ang Pow, you probably would not throw the packet away after keeping the money inside as it still can be used a discount voucher.

And third and lastly, because of the value attached to this Ang Pow, many who receive it will go to Sakae Sushi to use the discount voucher.

This means more customers for Sakae Sushi and gave the business the repeat sales that it was aiming for as well as a measurable result for its marketing activities.

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