Ideas that will convert a prospect into a Buying Customer

Here I would like to share some of ideas, which you could use as reference to convert a prospect into a buying customer.

  • Try Before You Buy

This is a common converting strategy used by many business and industry. We see the F&B business offer food tasting for a prospect before they decide to buy, an automotive industry will provide a test drive on the latest car model and software company will offered 30 days free trail.

  • Testimonials

This method is commonly practised in the F&B industry. The establishment might put up lots of photographs of VIPs or celebrities who have dined there. This gives off the impression that the food served in this restaurant is fantastic, as even celebrities choose to dine there.

Written testimonials from satisfied clients can also be uploaded on websites or social media such as Facebook or blogs, where news travel at lightning speed.

  • Special Offers

One way to make your customers feel extra special is having a “Members Only” day. On this day, only members are invited. They will be entitled to special discounts, premium gifts or priority selection when they purchase your products on this day.

The strategy here is ‘Buy now, or lose this fantastic offer’. Another method is ‘scarcity’ or ‘limit’, whereby the offer is limited to a certain period only. An exclusive or limited edition ‘mystery’ gift that will only be given to the first 50 or 100 customers who purchase your product will definitely spark some excitement and build anticipation for the gift.

This is an interesting way to entice and prompt your customers to purchase your product so that they can get the exclusive gift for themselves.

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