Is Creativity and Innovation Crucial to Marketing?

When it comes to creative marketing, most people are clueless about how to make their product appealing enough to capture the attention of their targeted audience. The good news is that you don’t have to engage an Advertising agency or spend Millions just to sell your product or service. All it takes is a bit of logic, creativity and ingenuity – and almost anyone can do it!

Being creative and innovative seems to be the buzzword in business these days, but why have they become so important? With a barrage of products flooding the market left, right and centre, a product must capture the average customer’s attention within a few seconds, or disappear into oblivion, lost in the vast ocean of countless, other insignificant products.

Your product cannot be just another product in the market. It must stand out from the rest. This is where creativity and innovation comes in. Being creative and innovative makes the difference between making profits and incurring losses in any business.

The bottom line is, unless you are able to swiftly adapt your product through creativity and innovation to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs, both your product and your business will no longer be relevant in the market as imitations or similar products with improved features will replace your product in almost no time at all.

If passion and commitment is the lifeblood of a business, then creativity and innovation is the soul of a business. Creativity is the generation of ideas while innovation is the translation of these ideas into an enhanced product or powerful marketing campaign.

Creativity is useful only if it can be translated into innovation that sells. In other words, creativity and innovation must lead to commercial value that is manifested through increased sales and profitability for the business.

Can creativity and innovation be outsourced?

Yes, it is possible, but the best ideas and innovation are most likely to come from within the business, as no one knows your product better than you.  Creativity and innovation also requires in-depth knowledge of the product in order to come up with ideas to market it effectively. The best ideas may come from the home ground experts, such as your own employees, colleagues or even someone close to you, like your parent or spouse.

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